Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Be Prepared for the Next Big Step: Thesis Proposal

Whether you have written a thesis on your own or had some dissertation proposal help from online services, you need to present it in front of the college committee all by yourself. No matter how much you prepare in advance, there are always the chances that something goes wrong. Here are some tips using which you can prepare yourself in a better way to just rock the presentation. Of course, being confident is the first and the most important, let us see the rest.
  1. Always know about your thesis in depth, superficial knowledge is not enough to make an impression. At the end, your audience will have questions about it and ‘I don’t know’ would simply not make the cut.
  2. Dress formally and follow the guidelines as prescribed by the department. When you dress well, you get a confidence that you can do it and when you follow the guidelines, you make a good impression in the eyes of the committee members.
  3. Revise your presentation two times before the final show, check it for grammatical and spelling mistakes. Try not to read out the slides, keep the matter in slides to a minimum and remember what you have to present.
  4. Do not state such things in the dissertation about which you have no knowledge or which is beyond your niche. The aim of a dissertation is acquiring deep knowledge on one subject and not shallow knowledge on many.
  5. Do not try to be over smart while presenting the thesis, keep your postures formal and answer the questions in a friendly way.
  6. Use simple language in the presentation, no matter how qualified your committee members may be but students sitting there have less knowledge about your thesis. So, try to explain everything in simple words and with common examples.
  7. Keep the agenda of your thesis realistic and results which can be measured. Uncertain conclusions and vague results are not enough to get good grades.
  8. Always mention the reason you chose the particular subject and what are its future applications. A thesis can be made interesting by showing that audience will also gain some useful insights from it.
  9. Just live in the moment, do not think about what will be the reactions of committee members, do not think about rejections, only think that you are doing a very important task of your life and you have to give your best.
Everyone is nervous during the thesis proposal, you just have to find a way to sooth your nerves; we mean drink water and deep breathe (do not do anything more creative). If you think that there is no time to write the presentation, you can take help from online thesis proposal writing service.

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