Tuesday, 29 March 2016

How Can you Say That Your Dissertation is the Best?

You are not the only student in your class, you are not the only student in college or the whole city. Many college students like you have written a dissertation or going to write one soon. A dissertation help you with good grades and a career in future. As such how can you be sure that your writing would prove to be better than others? What can you do to judge whether your research and conclusion are good or are they great? Here we are mentioning some parameters on which you can decide the quality of your dissertation.

Reflects Hard work

A dissertation takes much time and efforts to collect the facts, dig deeper into a subject, separate relevant data from irrelevant ones etc. As such, your final writing should reflect that hard work. When you state any fact in it, write the name of the source. Write ups and downs and possible applications.


Since it is supposed to be long and with the detailed matter, everything in it should be written in plain language and with simple examples. Examples remain in the mind for a long period of time and they make a good impression too.


You should see that you have not gone overboard with the stating facts and research. Ensure to be on the same subject till the end, do not write unnecessary things where it is not required. The results should be particular and not with the word ‘maybe’ or ‘mostly’.


Whatever facts you are mentioning should be a hundred percent true. They should not be fabricated or taken from an unreliable source. If you have a confusion about anything, it is better to remove it from the dissertation when there is still time.


Make sure that your dissertation is not biased. Yes, you need to reach the conclusion at the very end, but this does not mean that you make it clear at the start. Writing a thesis with one side vision only is not a good thing. State both the positives and negatives and then at the last; mention what side you favor.


Make sure that whatever you are writing holds good for the present scenario too. Do not put forward a dissertation on something which has already been solved or which is no longer evident (unless you are a history major).


Even when you have collected data from many sources on the internet, your dissertation should be unique in itself. Write in your own  language and shape the data according to your own thoughts. If you are going to get finished dissertations from online portals, make sure they provide custom dissertation writing, where every content is unique.


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